ABOUT tanya ahluwalia

My name is Tanya Ahluwalia. I am a graphic and web designer. I have experience in advertising, a tech company & even freelancing - which led me to utilize a wide range of skills - specializing in Branding, Web Design and Illustration. I strive to create aesthetically pleasing design with substance and deep-rooted meaning.

Hi, my name is Tanya Ahluwalia and I like to design.

I’m a Designer living in San Francisco. I enjoy providing people and their businesses with an appealing visual presence. Having lived in more than three countries, I have learned to adapt and grow under different circumstances. This has made me a quick learner, with a creative mind and a curious nature.

I strive to produce aesthetically pleasing design with substance and deep-rooted meaning.

Apart from design, I am also a natural at making people laugh, seeing everyday as an adventure, and being a person that my future self can be proud of.

"She's been awesome as an embedded designer working with us. We been VERY thankful to have her support. She's pleasant to work with, quick and available when you need her which is awesome."

- Michael Bailey, Marketing Director, Digital Media Google


"She is very hardworking, helpful, passionate, energetic, and optimistic. Compliment all these with a quirky and chirpy personality, and you have the makings of a pleasantly refreshing young professional—one whom you’ll never forget."

- Gigi Lee, Chief Creative Officer, TBWA\Group Malaysia